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In 1925, eighty-three year old Helen Niven donated her family home to establish “a safe and happy haven for Presbyterians in their sunset years.” Her friend, sixty-nine year old Mary Dunn, led the Presbytery-wide capital campaign that resulted in the construction of a three-story colonial brick building that we call “North Hall.” These women with their wisdom, vision, generosity, and faith founded Rochester Presbyterian Home. Faith-based values defined our mission. And, as confirmed by earliest records, the creation of a family where Elders are honored and respected became our purpose.

We are proud to tell you that the founding values of Rochester Presbyterian Home remain the same. As our founders intended, the Home is a place where faith in God is freely expressed. We celebrate diverse faith traditions these days, and prayer is still part of everyday life. Like the first residents in 1925, our Elders are called family. We know that genuine and caring relationships bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives. We nurture these bonds within our Eden families. And, as intended, our residents enjoy their rightful place of respect and honor in the center of the family of RPH.

Our purpose, values, and mission remain unchanged. And as always over the years, we rely on the assistance and generosity of our friends and the community to help us continue our mission and to succeed in our endeavors. We would be honored to count you among these friends.

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All life is precious

The Mission of the Rochester Presbyterian Home is to provide a loving home for Elders where they are honored and cared for as family and inspired to live life to its fullest. This has been our mission since 1925!

Our founders, Helen Niven and Mary Dunn, raised $125,000 for the construction of Rochester Presbyterian Home. Through the years the generosity of faithful donors has enabled this mission of caring to expand and thrive.

Today we operate at three locations and serve 210 Elders. As our founders intended, we continue to care for our community’s most vulnerable elderly including those with dementia and those with limited financial resources.

  • More than two-thirds of our Elders suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias. They receive dignified care and are accepted and loved as part of our family.
  • Up to forty percent of our Elders receive financial assistance. Elders remain in our care, even after their financial resources are depleted. Annually RPH subsidizes $600,000 or more to help these Elders live life to its fullest.
  • Upgrades to the RPH facilities cost more than $300,000 each year. This capital support allows RPH to keep pace through outstanding programs and staff while honoring the character of older buildings.

Your contributions help assure our commitment to this mission continues each day. Gifts to the RPH Foundation provide a base of support for critical renovations and subsidies for low-income Elders for years to come.

Thank you for joining in with your financial commitment and together we will honor our Elders.


Nancy Smyth, Executive Director